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Forward Leaning Solutions for Disaster Recovery

What is Tribal BT?

In 2004 our principal engineer was working on his first American Indian Tribal project. During that experience, he observed the unique challenges posed to rural customers, customers living in areas with inhospitable terrain, and customers with very poor broadband connectivity. ​​

It was then that our principal engineer committed himself to solving challenges for customers with unique circumstances and challenges. We are confident, we can bring value added solutions to you—regardless of the circumstances!

Complete Mobile Data Center / Private Cloud​

With threats increasing from disasters, human enabled malicious compromises, and cyber-attacks no organization can afford to overlook additional methods of safeguarding their valuable IT ecosystem and data.

​​Ransomware developers are employing new techniques everyday which exploit many forms/methods of backups. Many customers find even their backups are encrypted and cannot Be Used to restore their data. Most victims end up paying and suffer great losses in profits, consumer confidence, reputation, and downtime. To make matters worse many find out that even after paying, they were left vulnerable to additional and follow-on compromise.

​​Our mobile solution can provide many assurances to customers and potentially mitigate many attack vectors due to its novelty.​

Robust Connectivity

Our Mobile Data Center / Private Cloud provides a wide array of customer access mediums. It supports wired connections (fiber or copper) and wireless (WiFi) to ensure direct access when you need it the most.​​

Regardless of your connection, our Mobile Data Center / Private Cloud also provides a redundant set of outbound internet connectivity options. These options include cellular and satellite links to ensure you remain connected in almost any situation!​​ We can also configure end-to-end encryption to secure your communications.

Redundant and Reliable Power Sources

Regardless of the power situation, our Mobile Data Center / Private Cloud is prepared for the worst! We understand that some areas and situations can have limited, unreliable, or no power. Our solution provides solar power and generators which can operate on multiple types of fuel. When you need reliability, there are no substitutes!

Mobile Work Space
/ Backup Site

Is your internal environment offline? No worries! Your back online with near hot site functionality in no time! Our Mobile Data Center / Private Cloud solution provides mobile office space which has you covered in almost any situation!

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