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Technology is constantly evolving. Our team of experts keep track of and work with these changes, constantly training and implementing the industry’s latest innovations and emerging technologies. By keeping our eyes on the future, we’re able to offer insight into how tomorrow’s technology can help shape your infrastructure today.

Specializing in next generation data center and cloud architectures, we have established a track record of helping businesses implement leading technologies into their IT landscape. Our team of experts can assist with Physical to Virtual (P2) Migrations, migration of on-prem/remote private cloud to hybrid or public cloud, or even migrating from a public cloud to a hybrid or on-prem/remote private cloud. Our team has almost two decades of experience in migrating services and applications, servers, desktops, and storage solutions into virtualized environments, helping increase resiliency, stability, and disaster recovery (DR) times and capabilities.

Our integrated IT solutions help companies develop their technical architectures, organizations, and core business processes for competitiveness, profitability, and growth. Spy Ego Media clients benefit from both our innovative solutions to their greatest technology challenges and our hard-won understanding of the ingredients of next generation networks.

Our seasoned consultants have several decades of experience in IT and networking combined with project experience ranging from small business to Fortune 500's and carrier class networks across the United States and around the Globe.

Key Capabilities -

Data Center and Cloud Design and Architecture - Private, Hybrid, and Public Cloud
Physical to Virtual Migrations (P2V) - services and applications, servers, desktops, and storage solutions
High-Availability Design and Implementation - resiliency, stability and enhanced rapid Disaster Recovery with the ability to help prevent and quickly restore from Ransomware attacks
Optical Networking - Short and Long-Haul deployments
Installation Services - Rack and Stack of all equipment and peripherals
Performance Optimization
Assessments and Baselines
Training and Knowledge Transfer

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