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Let the company with bonafide frontline cyberspace experience against leading nation state actors give your company the advantage in cyberspace! Our team includes cybersecurity experts who have elite industry and U.S. military offensive/defensive cyberspace operational experience.  

The ugly truth about the trends:

3,900% increase in average ransom cost between 2018 and 2021 (National Security Institute, 2021)
Malware incidents up by 358%, ransomware activity up by 435%, and overall increase in malicious cyber activity of 653% (Deep Instinct & Forbes, 2020)
Remote work has led to increase of $137K average cost of data breach (IBM, 2021)
86% of 1,200 firms acknowledged compromise with at least one successful attack (Cyberedge Group, 2021)
Critical cybersecurity skills gap projected to continue for 5th year in a row (Gartner, 2021)

Cybersecurity is more important than ever before. The COVID-19 pandemic forced nearly every business to accept risks by expanding their cyberattack surface to safeguard their workforce and operations. These telework and remote learning/work opportunities forced meteoric IT landscape explosions. Entire new architectures and paradigms are evolving to adapt to this burgeoning remote learning/work ecosystem.  

With the undeniable value propositions posed by 5G we will continue to see the edge of IT landscapes expand even further. The fact is the future of IT consists of amorphous and boundless ecosystems. Nothing is well defined. Your attackers only need to get right once, you need to be right—everyday. It is time organizations regained agency over their cybersecurity posture and IT landscape. Spy Ego can help.

With over two decades of industry and government experience our architects and engineers have a wealth of experience and have achieved some of the most rigorous industry and government certifications. In addition to vendor specific certifications, our team has a great complement of vendor agnostic certifications as well.

We have helped fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and many other customers. We love challenges and eagerly await the next one! Here are some of the ways we bring value:

Architectural & Design:

Design and implement using current security best practices
Reshape and leverage comprehensive, proven architectures
Employ best of breed, cutting-edge security technologies
Engineer solutions tailored to customer specific needs
Eliminate multifarious vendor gaps

Operations & Support:

NOC/SOC  development and support
Audits and penetration testing
Attack rehearsal planning and orchestration
Incident response and recovery
Immutable backups
Recovery prioritization planning
Recovery environments
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