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Spy Ego Media is an industry leader in delivering broad spectrum technological solutions. With over two decades of experience in the IT industry, thousands of successful projects, hundreds of IT and cybersecurity certifications, and a proven track record of success, Spy Ego Media delivers solutions you can count on!

Spy Ego Media LLC was founded on the premise that our company can do it (read IT) better. We apply a holistic approach to incorporating industry and government best practices. Today’s threat landscape is ever increasing, accelerating, and complex. Businesses inherently have monumental stake in their cybersecurity posture and our solutions help businesses realize the maximum potential of cutting-edge cybersecurity. With Spy Ego, cybersecurity is the foundation from which we stand. We also understand today’s society/industry/community need for reliable, uninterrupted, and resilient connectivity to digital information systems from anywhere in the world.  

We deliver top of the line solutions because we focus on people. People are and will always be the most important part of what we do. Spy Ego optimizes solutions through ensuring the highest quality interactions with our customers and by empowering a world class workforce.  

Our world class team is comprised of experts with an unmatched passion for delivering best of class solutions and value to our customers. Spy Ego’s experts lead the way with certifications, education, experience, skills, and selective training. Our team is committed to getting you the results you need and count on!

Our skill/services inventory includes (and is not limited to):

  • Cybersecurity engineering and architecture  
  • Service provider technology and development
  • Network, compute, and storage technologies
  • Virtualization and cloud-based migration/development
  • Wireless – cellular, Wi-Fi, and satellite technologies
  • Project management and technical consulting
  • Security audits and penetration testing  
  • Collaboration technologies – voice, video, conferencing, and real-time messaging
  • Open-source technologies
  • Software/systems engineering, development, and integration
  • Full-stack web development
  • Artificial Intelligence integration (including machine/deep learning)
  • End-to-end integrations with internal and external services
  • Upgrading current/pre-existing infrastructure and technology
  • Onsite and remote services, support, and backup- security, desktop, server, and network
  • Highly recognizable industry certifications - multiple Cisco CCIEs, VMware VCIXs, CISSPs, and many more
  • Over 200 Industry and U.S. Government certifications with manufacturers and vendor-agnostic organizations
  • Technical Direction over a $1.4Billion Department of Defense Joint Force Cyber Platform

In addition to the skills and certifications listed above, the Spy Ego Media team has engineers and architects with security clearances and polygraphs. Even if an environment does not require this level of secured or confidential information, there is a level of comfort knowing these engineers and architects have been thoroughly vetted and will safeguard sensitive information from being disclosed or mishandled.

As a commitment to the country and its diverse communities, Spy Ego Media has obtained organizational certifications which reflect our support for:

  • VOSB
  • MBE
  • DBE
  • SBE
  • ESB

Our company has implemented projects nationwide focusing on the technologies and services listed above with our globally recognized hardware and software partners and vendors. No matter what, you will always find us eager, passionate, and ready to deliver a custom-made solution to fit your vision!

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