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The Spy Ego Media LLC Team has implemented projects across the United States and across the Globe for several decades. We have completed and worked with some of the most recognizable multi-national organizations to our biggest client base, Native American Indian Tribes.

With security clearances, our team members have also worked on cleared projects for the United States Government and non-government projects that required special care and attention with privacy and confidentiality being a core requirement.

Some Lead Projects Include:

Large Tribe in Montana - Full Buildout

Reservation wide deployment of six-eight communications towers, 4G/5G cellular voice and data capabilities, P25 Radio Platforms, and 77 miles of subterranean fiber.

Accomplished through federal grant funding that SEM Team compiled and wrote the submission with a final win of over $15.3Million for the project and the Tribe.

Montana Tribe - Large Scale Feasibility Study

The Spy Ego Media team have kicked of a large scale reservation wide and middle mile feasibility study to assess current broadband infrastructure and to assess the potential deployment of broadband expansion for the reservation, local community, and future project sites and enabling middle-mile broadband infrastructure to join multiple tribes together. The study will review the incumbent carriers, current Tribal needs, and outline multiple future options could be for the Tribe to deploy or hire. In the end, the feasibility study will provide insights into economic needs and will support the tribe’s plan to create opportunities forself-employment, spur commercial activity and economic development, enhance educational resources such as remote learning and broadband adoption, and help enhance law enforcement and public safety emergency response time. Moreover, a feasibility study will help the Tribe to make informed decisions regarding future deployment and expansion of broadband for the tribe’s forthcoming housing development and middle mile infrastructure plans, as the Tribe plans to enhance the Tribal members access to high-speed broadband internet.

Large Tribe in Montana - Feasibility Study

Reservation and local area wide broadband feasibility study for all tribal residents, tribal services, and future expansions - $50,000 (completed in two months)

Oklahoma ISP Fiber Infrastructure Build-out - Statewide

Fiber placement - pulling several hundred miles of fiber

Fiber Splicing - hundreds of fiber splice points

Thousands of splices of fiber

Aerial and Subterranean fiber work

Large tribe in Oklahoma - Communications Backbone

Initialization, configuration, and deployment of broadband backhaul for tribal Internet Service Provider Tier-1 link

Large tribe in Kansas - IT Services

Full Migration to Managed Hybrid Cloud - all enterprise services and internal software platforms

Large Northern California Tribe - Wireless and Data Center Infrastructure

Communications/Cell Tower and Wired/Wireless Broadband build-out across the tribe and local community -$5.1million (one year deployment)

Large Northern California Indian Tribe - IT Services Tribe Wide

Complete IT Managed Remote and Onsite Services for Administration, Health Services, Housing, Police, HeadStart and ChildCare, NRD and Roads - $675,000 over three years

Large Northern California Tribe - EOC buildout

Four communications towers deployed with an additional six communication poles for microwave backhauls, a data center buildout, EOC build-out, and

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